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Developing Therapeutics for Rare Pediatric Neurological Diseases

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Allievex is committed to developing first- and best-in-class therapies to benefit children with rare and devastating neurological diseases.


Using intracerebroventricular administration of enzyme replacement therapy, we safely deliver our therapies where they’re needed most—to the cells of the central nervous system. Data from ongoing clinical trials for our first drug, tralesinidase alfa, provide preliminary, promising results for Sanfilippo syndrome type B patients. These findings offer exponential hope: an effective treatment for one rare pediatric neurological disease can uncover the keys to countless more.

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A Proven Team Undertakes a New Mission

The Allievex management team offers a unique skillset and proven track record of excellence in therapeutic development for neurological diseases.

Most of the team collaborated previously at CoLucid Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which Eli Lily & Company acquired in 2017. Bolstering this experience is the clinical and research expertise in rare disease and pediatric neurology from former members of BioMarin Pharmaceutical.

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